Red-Hot Passions – Now available at Amber Quill Press!

22 10 2008
Red-Hot Passions cover

Red-Hot Passions cover

My latest story, Red-Hot Passions, is now available at Amber Quill Press,


When Mia escapes to Passions to teach a sculpture class, during the resort’s “red-hot” arts and crafts week, the last person she expects to bump into is her soon-to-be ex-husband Tyler! Tyler, heartbroken with the arrival of official separation papers, is at the resort hoping to talk to Mia and find out why she had the affair that’s torn apart their lives. But Tyler’s in for a few surprises himself when he discovers the Fantasies club, where resort patrons explore passions having nothing to do with the arts.

Mia is at the resort to gain inspiration for a sexually charged sculpture commission, both by watching and participating in the varied erotic pursuits at Fantasies. But what seemed like a good idea at home is now utterly terrifying. Tyler, seeing a chance to get Mia to open up to him, strikes a bargain with her—he’ll help her gain the inspiration she needs by staying at her side so she feels comfortable enough to delve into all the opportunities the resort provides.

Can Mia and Tyler renew their passion for each other and save their marriage by exploring their own secret sexual fantasies together?

For an excerpt and a chance to buy, check out my website at








4 responses

22 10 2008

Oh first what a beautiful cover! I always believed they were important. They are a part of the ‘package’ of the book. Wow, a re-union sort of read, I don’t think I’ve read one with this of two coming back together close to the divorce. Gosh, its going to be an emotional and sizzling read too! So can’t wait to read this one! Congrats on the release Kesley!

22 10 2008

Thanks Cathie! I’m pretty excited about it. As I’m sure you’ve often heard AQ authors say – we all love Trace’s covers! I think this one is my favorite. Now I wait, biting my nails, for the reviews.

Wanted to let you know that I’m running lots of contests right now. They’re all up and posted over at my website, Things are pretty busy between now and the end of October, but during Nov. I’ll also run one, strictly of my own, giving away a GC of some sort – probably Amazon or Fictionwise. So keep your eyes open for that and good luck!

26 10 2008
Shannon Leigh

Love the cover!

27 10 2008

So do I!

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