Dedications – the stories behind the words

22 07 2008

I love reading the dedications to stories. Often they’re clever little inside jokes – a little funny, a little poignant, a little intriguing.

I’ve written my share to my four, and now fifth upcoming, stories. I thought it would be fun to talk about them a little.

So – first one, the dedication to Reunion.

Reunion is my first paper child, and as such, will always have a special place in my heart. It was the one I agonized over writing, and then spent the weeks after I sent it out to Amber Quill wondering if, praying, it was what they wanted. And, miracle of miracle, it was! And then, in the process of putting together the promo materials, I had to write any acknowledgments or dedications. So this is what I wrote:

This is dedicated to my three children, Marc, Tori, and Montana, and my husband Steve. Without their understanding, support, and the really great desk that Marc and Steve built, I would never be able to write.

Special thanks to the writers in the Golden Horseshoe and LAMAS critique groups. You don’t always tell me what I want to hear, but you always tell me what I need to hear. Without you guys, I would like my writing, but I don’t think anyone else would!





Now here’s the story: when we moved to Canada, my kids were very small. I couldn’t, and didn’t want to, work outside the house, and so I spent most of my time chasing them and slowly losing my mind. When I finally decided to write, we bought a better computer for me, but I had a really small, really crappy table that barely had room for the computer. So my husband, wonderful man that he is, let me invest in a new desk, and I bought a huge one – a great corner model, with room for way too many papers and my computer. Of course, it came in a box with those three dreaded words attached – ‘some assembly required’. Now, my husband is the most brilliant man I know, but not exactly a whiz with a screwdriver. Nevertheless, he and my oldest son Marc, who was probably about 10 at the time, soldiered away and put the monstrosity together. As they bonded over the job, laboring and swearing, I promised that if (and when!) I ever got published, I would dedicate the first story to them. And so I did!

My two critique groups – they drive me nuts! This is wrong, that’s wrong – they’re never happy. There was a lot wrong with the initial drafts of Reunion – and they were never afraid to be honest. It helped me to pull out of myself the story that had lived in my heart for tens of years. I’m grateful they never patted me on the head and said things were okay when they weren’t, because I dearly love the story I created with their help.

Next time – my dedications to Desirable Enemy and Cooking With K.C.

Love to hear any funny or interesting stories anyone wants to share about their dedications!




One response

17 10 2008

I too love reading the dedications. I’ve read some too where they made me teary eyed, smile, and some even left me wanting to know more!

Thats so beautiful on your hubby and son building your desk. It makes it all the more special to write at it on. I always wondered what crique groups were for! But from reading this, I believe they are those who are straight and honest with you as well as a great support for you!!!

Thanks for sharing on this! I had a story dedicated to me once and it meant so much to me. It was just a sentence, but it said so much!

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