New Review! Contest Ending!

29 05 2008

New review!

I’ve been forever posting this, as it turned up right before the RT conference, but I was very excited to get a review for my paperback anthology Hot and Bothered. Thanks Deb and Tess, who also have it posted on their blog:

Hot and Bothered is an anthology that contains three of Kelsey’s stories, Reunion, Desirable Enemy, and Cooking with K.C.

Reunion is about a couple that met when they were younger but life and situations sent them their separate ways. Now, years later, their children are getting married to one another, and Sam and Allie are brought back together to wrap up and attend their children’s wedding. The sexual tension between them comes to a head which puts the two of them into hilarious situations which seem destined to keep them apart. Kelsey tells a wonderful story with this one.

Desirable Enemy takes place on another planet. Two enemies come together, one driven by her desire to heal, and the other, a prince, looking for answers and wanting to end the violence between the Ajindas and the Nor’euros. But someone will stop at nothing to be certain that doesn’t happen. Excellent story! Kelsey kept me on the edge of my seat wondering just why and who would do anything to stop Linnea and Rajan from succeeding. I am definitely looking forward to reading more of this world.

In Cooking with K.C., Kelsey offers some hot advice on what happens when a younger bad boy wants an older woman who seems resistant to his charms? How will he use K.C.’s catering against her to show how good it can be between them? Kelsey has a definite winner here with this story about what a man won’t do ultimately to get his hands on the woman next door. Extremely enjoyable.

Kelsey writes three very compelling, sensual romances in which the heros and heroines must overcome the odds dealt them. I would definitely recommend reading Kelsey Lewis. She is a very enjoyable read, and I look forward to reading more from her.

Contest ending!
All through the month of May, I’ve been featuring a contest where I’ll be drawing a name from those who leave me a comment on one of my blogs this month. The prize – a $10 gift certificate to Amber Quill Press (doesn’t get any better than that!) So – leave me a comment!


-Kelsey Lewis



5 responses

27 06 2008

Hi Kesley! So thrilled to find your blog, its beautiful too with your covers on them as well! I have this print down on my wishlist to get! I love to have the print anthologies. Its how I met alot of the AQP authors. This is your first one right? Again congrats and I’ll be visiting here more!!

17 10 2008

Hi Kesley!!! Any updates on your contest here? Thanks!

20 10 2008


So great to hear from you! You’re always such a dedicated reader and great supporter of Amber Quill.

I looked back and can’t believe I never posted the winner to that contest. Sheila Gallagher, who I met at the Romantic Times conference in Pittsburgh, won the GC.


I just had a new story released (Red-Hot Passions) and I’m going to be running a lot of contests this month, so stay tuned! I’ll be offering downloads at AQ as part of their Ghoulish Gala the last week in October, an Amazon $20 GC at Bitten By Books for their Halloween promotion (, and I’ll be posting stuff for the next month on my website, probably here, and on my myspace page.

So keep reading and good luck!

22 10 2008

Hi Kelsey!
Oh congrats to Sheila!! Some day I hope to go to one of those book signings/conferences. If I could just bear with flying, LOL. But Pittsburgh was the closet and I couldn’t go 😦 Some day! It would be a joy to meet you!

Awesome on the new release. I shall be going over to check it out!! Cool on the Ghoulish Gala. Will that be on the Amber Quill Heat yahoo group too or just at Bitten by Books? I shall be visiting the group on Fridays. I’m enjoying those days even though I’m on when others are off, I’m still replying away and finding a bunch new reads at AQP. Its really a great family of authors that I love chatting and reading!

I have your blog saved so I shall be visiting!!! You have a great week Kesley!

Caffey (Cathie)

22 10 2008

Sorry you didn’t make Pittsburgh – I can honestly say that everyone at Amber Quill would love to meet you! Where do you live? Pittsburgh was easiest for me this time because we relocated to New Jersey summer of 2007.

I said this in my other comment to you, but all my current contests are posted at my website at I’ll try to update my blog and myspace pages with all the contests tomorrow (so much to do, so little time!)

Oh, and if you want to see some video from the conference, there’s a video link on the podcast page on my website. Lifetime TV was there, and they posted video from the Vampire Ball. I tried to be as chatty as possible, and I made the cut! Pretty exciting.

Have a great day and keep reading!

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